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"So great! I feel more like myself, more relaxed, literally and figuratively warmer. Connected. I just feel better. I think it’s a gift in this fast-paced world.""


Carolyn, 32


“Listenly sessions are an amazing way to connect deeply with yourself. I left feeling less anxious. I can’t recommend them enough!”


Jillian, 25

Founder - The Joy List

Author - Unlonely Planet

“Really felt connected, and glowing after today’s session. Felt inspired to meet strangers and feel love towards them.”


Kareem, 34

Tech Founder

What Is a Listening Session?

A Listening Session is a facilitated conversation between you and an experienced Listener. It is your time to be heard and process your experiences with an empathetic partner. You’re in full control of your comfort zone and what boundaries you want to set.

How It Works

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Janine is a master of direct, embodied listening. Take a deep dive together and explore your inner world.



"My Session with Axios was quite powerful. I highly recommend working with him!"


The Listenly Method

Our Listeners are trained in a listening technique based on the principles of PACE: staying Present, Authentic, Curious, and Empathetic. PACE Listening creates connection and encourages transparent vulnerability between the speaker and listener. We're able to ensure a uniform level of quality with our breakthrough screening process.

Before we started Listenly, we were executive communication coaches working with companies such as Google. We know what it means to communicate with impact. We want to empower you to reap the benefits of impactful communication.

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