COVID-19 is impacting us all. We're offering Listening Lab Virtual events.
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Upcoming Events

Each Listening Lab community is now coming together for REMOTE sessions that you can join from any city across the world.


Listening Labs are a great way to experience listening sessions and make authentic connections.

Interested in hosting a Listening Lab for your organization, business, or community? Get in touch!





“I can’t wait to implement what I learned in my relationships. I think it was so valuable for me to experience what comes out when a conversation has such a clear structure. Thank you!”

-Sarah, 34

“This session enabled me to learn some skills of listening on a deeper level and understanding some of the nuanced blocks to listening from previous habits.”

-Rob, 50

Tell me more about Listening Lab 

How do we protect the psychological integrity of our own mental health and of our relationships when we are quarantined?

As Jennifer Senior shared in a recent New York Times Op-Ed, “To keep our relationships sane, we’ll all need to turn to virtual communities.”

So here we go.
After leading Listening Labs all around the world, we’re going virtual!

Strengthen your interpersonal and professional listening skill toolkit in this fun and participatory workshop. Listening Lab practices a unique set of listening skills that creates connection and encourages transparency and vulnerability.

Make some new friends, even while isolated!


What is Listening Lab Virtual:

1 hour where you can get a dose of human. Someone outside of your bubble. Make new friends and use the skills you learn to make your own relationships stronger.

Structure of the hour:
(20min) Listening Exercises
(8min) Brief Teach Piece on PACE Listening
(40min) Paired Listening Sessions


When is Listening Lab Virtual: 


Starting 3/23 We will be holding Listening Lab Virtual (LLV) sessions for the foreseeable future.

Times will vary each week! Chime into the conversation and let us know what time you’d want it!


Why we started Listening Lab:


The world is extraordinarily fast-paced. We found authentic listening sessions out of necessity and now it is our core daily ritual.


Take time to connect, listen, and be heard. Feel more connected to others and yourself through learning and practicing the tools that will strengthen your personal and professional life.


Before we started Listening Lab, we were executive communication coaches working with companies such as Google, we know what it means to communicate with impact. We want to empower you to reap the benefits of impactful communication.

How Listening Lab may impact you:

Deep listening creates space for you to tap into your inner voice.

As both a speaker and listener you may feel relief from emotional tension and increased mental clarity.