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Weaving Community

Become a Better Weaver By Listening & Holding Space
Learn the Skills and Access the Tools to More Deeply Connect with Your Community

Weaving Community has partnered with the Society for Social Health and Well-being to offer a free training guide to support us becoming better at human connection with our communities through listening and holding space. Learn the skills to make people feel safe, cared for and open to a connective experience. And access simple tools and technology to create your own listening session or group experience for your community.

Sign Up and Download the Guide to Deep Listening

How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up

Sign Up by submitting your email address above

Step 2: Learn Skills

Upon sign up, you will receive the Guide to Deep Listening. This guide will empower you with a framework you can use for any call, meeting, or gathering.

Step 3: (Optional) Orientation and Skills Practice

Come to a weekly orientation session to experience and practice your new skills (live - online).

Sessions are held every Monday at 6:00pm CT for 1 Hour.

Step 4: Create Your Own Connection Experience

Access a platform to participate in connection experiences (circles and listening calls).

  • One-on-one Listening: find a partner and set up a session on Listenly.

  • Group Meeting: create a gathering with Zoom.

  • Structured Circle: create a structured circle on

Step 5: Ongoing Support and Community

Create Your Own Circle to Support Your efforts along the way.

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