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What it takes to be a Listener

What It Is

Listenly trains all listeners in the principles of PACE: staying Present, Authentic, Curious, and Empathetic. PACE Listening provides a unique set of listening skills that serve all members in and out of their Listenly Sessions. As a Listener, you’ll be able to offer your personal listening approach to your clients in a Listenly Session.


Before we started Listenly, we were executive communication coaches working with companies such as Google, we know what it means to be a coach. If you already have an established practice as a coach, you will be enabled to customize sessions to offer your own coaching sessions in addition to your Listenly Sessions. With a flexible schedule, you’re in full control of your availability and what boundaries you want to set as a Listener or coach.

How It Will Impact You

What You'll Do For Others

Our community of Listeners are people who want to explore or are already exploring the tools authentic listening can provide to deepen their connection with others.

The practice of authentic listening and connecting with others will also deepen your connection with yourself. The more we listen without knowing or judgement, the more present we are with ourselves.

Listening is a Big Deal

Becoming a Listener is not something to be taken lightly, at Listenly we take it very seriously. It’s a vulnerable experience that will challenge you. If becoming a Listener is right for you, email us at

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