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To all those working on the front line: we see you. You are risking your lives to save ours. Thank You.

Do you work in healthcare?

Listenly offers free emotional support with a trained listener for healthcare professionals. Sessions are completely confidential.

We are coordinating efforts to give back to first responders and need you and your creativity!

The front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic are a heartbreaking and terrifying landscape. Our first responders are giving everything they have, and we need to give back. They have expressed to us at Listenly how deeply appreciated statements of love and gratitude from the community are during this difficult time. 


How You Can Help: Gratitude Postcards

If you have paper, art supplies, and the drive to help, you can create postcards and messages for our frontline responders. 

Step 1

Make your Virtual Postcard: message, drawing, short 30-sec video, whatever you feel inspired to create.

Step 2

Share and post to instagram/facebook/twitter with the hashtag
#holdtheline and tag @Listenly_community and we will re-share.

Let's make sure that those who #holdtheline and risk their lives for us every day know that we are here to flatten the curve and support them!

We are in this together, and YOUR actions matter.

Wall of Gratitude

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